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Born: 8-Mar-1880
Died: 27-Sep-1919   Adelbert Ernest Moore,
was the 9th child
Born 8 March 1881 in Garfield, Newaygo City, Michigan.  

Died by his own hand, (rifle) on 26 Sept 1919.

He married Mary Louisa Drake on 24 sept. 1904 in Ashland.

He is buried in the Mountain View Cemetery, Ashland, Ore.  It was said that he felt responsible for his wife's death and did not wish to live without her.

Adelbert's Family

Spouse: Mary Louisa Drake (Married 24-Sep-1904)
Children: Roy Gilbert Moore, Ray Delbert Moore , Bert Moore

Adelbert's Heritage

Parents: Isaac Cornell (Pegleg) Moore, Louisa Maria Traverse
Siblings: Nellie, George, John, William, Ida, Grace, Mary, Martha, Loren